Jewish Deaf Congress (JDC) is committed to enhancing the Jewish Deaf experience with educational and spiritual programs and technology. Jewish Deaf people and families want to access their rich heritage via American Sign Language. JDC needs funds to create videos of stories, traditions, and prayers, ensure access to Zoom services with interpreters and captions for families, upgrade its website with more resources and videos, and advocate and support local Jewish Deaf groups.

Six Fundraising Goals

Donors will be recognized in the following categories:

  • Tree of Life — $5,400
  • Eternal Flame of Light — $2,520
  • Kingdom of Judah — $1,080
  • Star of David — $540
  • Double 18×18 Chai — $324
  • Chai — $108
  • Mench – up to $107

  • The donation levels and amounts are in multiples of Chai or $18.00.

Your donation of any amount will be gratefully appreciated and used to make the JDC flame light up many more lives, homes, synagogues, and communities. The bigger your donation, the brighter the JDC flame.

The following are examples of how your donation will be used:

Support Virtual ASL Shabbat Services.
Create educational and spiritual modules for families, homes and communities.
Create ASL videos on Jewish holidays, prayers, traditions, stories and rituals.
Do zoom holiday celebrations, panels and weekly Torah discussion groups.
Strengthen community Jewish Deaf organizations and groups via social/spiritual networking and services.
Thank you for your support!!!