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Jackie Pransky's old and new friends make her JDC experience unique

It was my first time going to the Jewish Deaf Congress (JDC) - and what an amazing experience it was! I only wish that I can open up my brain and project what I saw in a Stars Wars hologram style so you can see what it was like to attend the conference! For now, my words will have to suffice.

Shiran Zhavian's Richest Experience With A Smile

A number of weeks before the JDC conference, I received an email from Rabbi Yehoshua Soudakoff, vice president of Jewish Deaf Congress (JDC). He indicated to me that I had the opportunity of being selected as one of the few young adults sponsored by the Jewish Deaf Congress for their conference. First I was so surprised, but then it really hit me. I was thrilled and found myself inspired! I was born in Israel and raised in New York City since I was seven years old.

Aviv Levy's Experience at 2013 JDC Conference

My experience at the JDC was really great, because I met new friends and also I learned about the JDC itself. I had a lot of fun at the JDC conference because there were some activities. I met people from other countries. It was cool to walk to the Jewish Community Center. I enjoyed giving the audience a show about Jewish culture. I enjoyed being at the JDC and I gained a lot of experience from the JDC.

JDC Reflection by Elena Mayer

I had a wonderful time at the Jewish Deaf Congress in Washington D.C. just a few weeks ago. I met so many people, saw old friends and made deep connections. I was able to see the city of Washington DC, eat kosher food and learn.

Johanna Katz's 2013 JDC Conference Adventures

My adventures at the Jewish Deaf Congress in Washington, DC were so exciting. I remember very well the first day…I had to check in at this elegant hotel located in one of the most “chic” neighborhoods in Washington, DC. My room was incredible; its huge window had a formidable view of Dupont Circle neighborhood. The first thing after leaving my things in my room I went to register for JDC and within five minutes, I met over five new people already. It was very interesting and cool to meet new people from different ages and ALL Jews.

What's Making Shiran Come Join us this Week?

Watch this video to learn about the reasons why Shiran Zhavian is coming to the JDC Conference. Even with her rich Israeli background, she knows that the conference is the place to be to grow as a Jew!

Enjoy a leisurely Shabbat stroll and take in some historical neighborhood sites along the way.

On foot from the Park Hyatt Hotel: 1201 24th Street, NW


the DC Jewish Community Center: 1529 16th Street, NW

on Saturday June 1st at 5:00pm. Meet us at the front lobby.

Why is Aviv avidly planning for the conference?

Here's another message from one of our young adult participants in the JDC conference, Aviv Levy. You'll see him around at the various exciting programs going on at the JDC conference!


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