Lecture with Ephrat Dvir: The Women Who Saved the Persian Jews

Lecture given by Israeli woman Ephrat Dvir about the women who saved the Persian Jews. Related to Purim.

Lecture: “Hearsay Until You Take DNA Test” with Sharon Ann Dror

Fascinating Discoveries of Israeli Deaf Lives, Multi-Cultures, and Signed Languages

Israel 75th Birthday in ASL

Tips, Tricks & Mishaps for Passover

Lecture: “Our Heroines: The Unspoken Jewish Women of the Torah”

Bukharian Jews: Their World, History & Culture Lecture with Sofia Seitchik

Untapped American Jewish Deaf History with Dr. Steve Weiner

Lecture: Jewish Deaf Perspective Through Art with Amy Cohen Efron

Lecture: An Overview of Kabbalah with Rav Ellen Roth

Alternative version with PPT: https://youtu.be/V85xsjrWok0