Special Announcement: Shabbat This Friday!

Celebrate with us! Levi, Mahalia, Lael, and Ariela have reached a momentous milestone- the completion of Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes under JDC! For nearly a year, they’ve diligently studied Jewish tradition and identity under the guidance of their JDC instructors, Hillel Goldberg and Daniel Israelov. Now, they embark on a lifelong journey of embracing their heritage.
Witness the simcha (joy) as families reunite, traditions are revived, and history whispers l’dor v’dor into the present. Join us for this meaningful celebration, where families and friends from California, Texas, Maryland, and New York come together to share in this special occasion.

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For too long, Jewish Deaf children grew up not understanding their rich Jewish heritage or Deaf culture, due to a lack of visual access through American Sign Language and a lack of connections to Deaf leaders knowledgeable about Judaism. Consequently, many Jewish Deaf adults are marginalized and lack understanding, information, spiritual guidance, and a sense of identity.

Now, more than ever before, Jewish Deaf people need access to their Jewish history, heritage, and traditions, the Deaf Way! Donate today to support our programs and services. All donations are tax-deductible. We thank you for your support!

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