Celia & Leonard Warshawsky Award

The Celia & Leonard Warshawsky Award is named in honor of Celia and Leonard, notable JDC members from the Chicago community. The award was established in 1986. Because Celia, for whom it was initially named, was so involved in youth programs and supportive of youth activities, the award honors a 17 to 35 year old Jewish Deaf adult who has made outstanding contributions to furthering Jewish and religious opportunities for young adults.
1992 – Charles Farr
1994 – Judy Slomovic Gunter 1996 – Debbie Fink
1998 – Susan Margolin 2001 – Samuel Sonnenstrahl
2011 – Yehoshua Soudakoff

Anna & Henry Plapinger Award

The Anna & Henry Plapinger Award was established in 1976 and named in honor of JDC founding member, Henry. The Award was initially endowed by Anna, and eventually the name was changed to honor both Anna and Henry. Given bi-annually, the award recognizes outstanding service of at least five years, and usually much more, to the Jewish Deaf community.
1992 – Fred Katz
1994 – Ira Lerner
1996 – Stephen Brenner
1998 – Bess Hyman
2001 – Martyn Wayne
2003 – Dorothy (Dot) Brenner

Plapinger Youth Essay Award 

The Plapinger Youth Essay Award is also named in recognition of Anna and Henry. It was established in 1984 by the children of Anna and Henry to encourage young Jewish writing. Initially given to a student from 12 to 18, the JDC added a second Award for students from 8 to 12 years of age. The JDC Awards Committee selects a topic; students submit essays in response to the topic; and the Committee awards a monetary prize to the winners.
1990 – David J Kurs
1992 – David J Kurs
1996 – Shoshannah Stern
2001 – Francis Ross Steele
2003 – Rebecca Lovitch