The Jewish Deaf Congress, Inc. was established as the National Congress of Jewish Deaf in New York City in July, 1956, when Jewish deaf people across America realized a need for an organization to bring together individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and provide opportunities to study and learn about Judaism in an educational and religious environment. Leaders in the fields of education, finance, social work, and law supported this effort.

Our mission is to provide religious, cultural, and educational experiences. Our people include those who became deaf before acquiring language, those who became deaf later in life, and those who are hard of hearing. Some of our people use sign language; others depend fully on lip-reading. Parents join our organization, as do grandparents. Some hear normally and with our deaf constituents represent a community of interpreters or educators, and rabbis, or perhaps even children or siblings or just friends of deaf adults.

Our vision for the Jewish Deaf Congress, Inc., is to serve Jewish deaf and hard of hearing persons all over the world through our biennial conferences. We encourage in our community pluralism – whether Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Orthodox – we are all an essential part of Klal Yisrael – the worldwide community of Jewry.

As an organization, we join the larger Jewish community in our dedication to tikkun olam – the healing of the world. We invite you to get to know us.